“We Are One” Musical Collaboration Seeks to Unify Penn Staters from All Cultural Backgrounds


In the guiding light, by our souls/We share the echoes of love/While we stride like/The Nittany Lion/We aim high as/We soar high/’Cause we are Penn State

Pradit Kulshreshtha is currently a master’s student at Penn State in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Kulshreshtha is also a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist who has a mission to unify the Penn State Community through a shared tribute to Dear Old State.

“Together We Are One” is Kulshreshtha’s ambition to make Penn Staters join hands and collectively roar the university’s core values.

Kulshreshtha’s goal is that the song provides moral unity among cultural diversity but also generates a growing need of responsibility among the Penn State family to make Penn State the No. 1 university in the world based on innovation, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

In addition to the release of the video, Kulshreshtha will be filming opinions of students who also feel in sync with the importance of the “We Are One” mission.

The main video will inculcate a fusion of multicultural music genres that incorporate all the cultures signifying unity and a sense of responsibility to make Penn State the best university in the world.

The entire Penn State community can be a part of the memorable experience of film-making. All they need to do is submit the clips of their achievement and the moments when they’ve worked together in unity at Penn State.

Students can submit their clips for the music video via DropBox here.

Click Below to listen to the song in full via Kulshreshtha’s SoundCloud account:

Kulshreshtha’s lyrics for “Together We Are One”:


In the guiding light, by our souls

We share the echoes of love,

While we stride like

The Nittany Lion,

We aim high as

We soar high,

‘Cause we are Penn State

The proud Penn State


‘Cause together, we are one


In the freedom air, we breathe in the glory

Of our realm,

Come paint the world

With your dreams

With honor and peace

‘Cause we are Penn State

The proud Penn State


‘Cause together, we are one

Photo Credit: Pradit Kulshreshtha