Uber to Give Away Free Magnum Ice Cream Bars Friday

Heading to State College for Arts Fest this weekend? Uber and Magnum ice cream have you covered with free ice cream bars.

Uber announced that they have partnered with Magnum to deliver two free ice cream bars for users free of charge in select areas from 11am to 3pm on Friday, July 15 and State College is on the list.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s the catch? Surprisingly, there isn’t one. As long as you have the Uber app on either Android or iPhone, you can access your free ice cream. Simply log into the app, click on the ice cream bar icon to request it and it *should* be delivered in minutes.

As with most Uber promotions like this, demand will be high and some requests won’t go through. Be sure to order your ice cream bars early to cash in on the deal. ‘

To make it even easier, Uber has created an ice cream notification service, that will text you to remind you to order your ice cream.

Be sure to hashtag your free ice cream experience with #UberIceCream and share with the world your sweet treat.