It’s Time to Make History: First Married Gay Couple in Nickelodeon Animation History to Premier Wednesday

Talk about a shift in representation.

Nickelodeon’s newest TV show, The Loud House, will feature a married interracial, gay couple in Wednesday’s episode.

The animated show depicts the Loud Family, an eleven child home and  focuses on Lincoln Loud and his experiences as the only boy in the family. Lincoln’s best friend, Clyde McBride is an only child with interracial gay parents, Howard and Harold McBride, voiced by Michael McDonald and Wayne Brady.

Nickelodeon including a same-sex married couple in a children’s TV show is one of the first of it’s kind. Many reactions from the public have been very positive about the premier, but the episode is expected to receive some negative reaction once it airs.

Check out a clip from the episode below:


The episode will premier on Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm on Nickelodeon.