App of the Week: Zen – Guided Meditation

If there’s one thing that college students need more of, it’s zen. With classes, extracurricular activities, catching up on sleep and attempting to maintain a social life, relaxation is hard to come by.

MoveNext, a tech company released the Zen app, which is the perfect guide to relaxation after a long day or a tool to simply refocus.

The app dubs itself as the “world’s first application with guided meditations in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese)” and is also available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

You can listen to soothing sounds that are great for starting or ending your day along with access to daily messages to improve your mood. The ability to track your mood is also included in the free app, along with tools for improving sleep.

In addition, the app also offers balanced life courses with topics such as psychology, nutrition, pilates, yoga and more.

While the app is free of charge, it comes with the option of premium add-ons which include even more guided meditations and sounds.

For now, the app is only available for iPhone. You can download it here.