Dorm Decor: 5 Dorm Room Tips

Moving into your first dorm is a memorable experience. I’ll never forget mine, as a wide eyed freshman moving into Ritner Hall (aka LITner Hall), in August of 2014. For the first time in my life, I had to share my room with a roommate. While the adjustment was definitely a bit difficult to get used to (especially the communal bathrooms), I enjoyed living in a dorm my first year.

When you move into your dorm on move-in day, your dorm will be very bare. You’ll have a twin bed, a closet, desk, microfridge, and a trashcan, but that’s about it. This is where your dorm decorating¬†magic comes in. Below are five room tips for a great first-year dorm room:

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Let’s face it: you’re probably brining a lot of stuff to college, and if we’re being honest, too much stuff. Being able to store your things creatively is crucial. Look into all different types of storage: under the bed (invest in bed risers), big colored bins, plastic drawers and other similar things. Most of these storage options are pretty inexpensive to buy and available at places such as Wal-mart and Target.


Make it Shine

Depending on which dorm you live in, there will either be one light on the ceiling for you and your roommate to share, or lights on each side of the room that you can control individually. Either way, having a light either on your desk or near your bed is a plus if you don’t want to wake your roommate while you’re cramming at 2am for your math test. A lot of people also invest in holiday¬†lights on the wall, which also acts as a cool room decor.


Comforter Craziness

Nothing adds more pizzaz to your room than your comforter. It’s the first thing most people see when they come in, and the perfect comforter makes for a pleasant sleeping experience. We’ve included a few inexpensive, yet good-quality comforters below:


Rug Mania

Rugs are great to have in your dorm, especially during the chillier months when the dorm floors are freezing cold. In addition to their practical use, rugs can also be a great way to spice up your room from the ground up.


Dorm Eats

Although you have a meal plan, you may want to cook in your dorm occasionally. You’re only given a microwave and fridge, but there are still a few things you can make with those limited resources. Not to mention, a few dorms have kitchens.


Photo Credit: Barton Malow