Filter Frenzy: The Best Photo Apps

If you’re like me, you LOVE Instagram. Getting a glimpse at what everyone is doing along with really epic filters is a great pastime. However, Instagram has limited features for editing and filters, so a few other apps are needed to achieve maximum photo quality. Here are a few great photo apps:


I absolutely love this app. Not only does this app have a large quantity of free and premium filters, it also has a big range of photo enhancement options to ensure your photo looks just right. Be sure to tag your photos online with the hashtag #vscocam, to join the many other users of this app in displaying your photo skills.


This app has become increasingly popular lately, especially for the artsy crowd. The app claims to “turn your photos into works of art,” and it does not disappoint. The app boasts more than 30 styles that can make your photos look out of this world or mimic famous artists such a Van Gogh, Picasso and Levitan. Best of all? It’s no cost to you. What are you waiting for? Get out there are create some art!


This app is what your iPhone camera wishes it could be. The app is said to take crisper and cleaner photos than your basic iPhone camera, and gives you more options to control exposure and more while you’re taking the photo. Once you’re done getting the perfect pic, the app also has a variety of filters.

Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary has been on the scene for awhile helping people reach their desired photo qualities. In addition to the regular photo fixes, the app also has stickers to give your photos a unique look. If you aren’t into all of the extra glam, the app also has your typical filters to ensure quality photos.