Sylly Week, What’s Next?

Now that sylly week is over what is next for the students at Penn State? Here are 3 big tips going into the rest of the semester from expectations to what to look for during the weekend to unwind!

  1. For starters, now that drop/add period is over professors are assuming that you are accepting the class and know what is expected of you week by week as you progress through the class. To make sure that there are no surprises go over the syllabus for every class on your own and mark down due dates, exams, quizzes, and anything else that is important to the class. Create a system that works for you to manage your classes and anything else you get involved in throughout the year. Believe me things can get overwhelming once the work starts rolling in and you get fully involved in clubs and organizations.
  2. Sylly week was filled with event after event of all sorts and this trend does not stop throughout the year! Late night in the hub happens every weekend with free recently made movies being made, arts & crafts, board games, and Sbarro ¬†pizza being opened much later for a late night snack. Read your emails for your RA’s may have events planned for your building or floor to build community and friendships throughout the year. Lastly READ BULLETIN BOARDS!! I cant stress this enough that bulletin boards with events, clubs, paid research studies, and organizations are posted on the daily basis and with boards being cleared at the end of the month you never know what you may find!
  3. As weird as it may sound work towards building academic relationships with your professors. Throughout the course whether you need help or not, visiting your professor can be one of the most interesting experiences you can have. With a wealth of knowledge that a professor can provide about the class and their work you never know what you may learn talking to a professor. Alongside with professors meet with your academic adviser at least one time per semester. This is bare minimum to make sure you are on track as well as express any difficulty within the course and life on campus. I would recommend meeting with an adviser in the beginning, middle, and near the end of the semester that way the adviser can better assess your progress throughout the semester and maybe help you even earlier if they have any concerns. Remember that you need to take the initiative to meet with faculty for they won’t know if there are any problems unless you tell them! Take charge of your education and success!

College is a time to experience new things, have fun, and learn more about yourself than you never thought possible. Do well in the classroom so you can do what you want to do outside the classroom as well. Find time for yourself so you don’t burn out whether its reading your favorite book, hanging with friends, or going to the gym find a positive outlet to relax and unwind. Enjoy college and put your best foot forward in everything you do on campus so you can have the best four years you’ll ever have!!

We Are… Penn State!