Tech Of The Week: myHomework Student Planner

There once was a time that I put all my classes and homework assignments in my google calendar to give me reminders and updates. Unfortunately this lead to a very cluttered and sometimes confusing calendar that made it difficult to keep track of my non academic activities as well such as meeting and friend activities. myHomework app is an all inclusive class organizing app that lets you get your school life together easily synced between you phone and computer.

The main feature of myHomework is putting all your class information in one easy and organized place in your mobile device or laptop so you can stay ahead of assignments with notifications. You essentially transfer your syllabus into the app, set a time for a notification from hours before the assignment is due to months in advance. Each class corresponds to a color you choose for that course to make it that much easier to differentiate courses especially if you have a lecture vs a lab for the same course. To make homework input easier if you have weekly assignments you can set it to repeat for a certain period of time


Having all your courses is great but another feature that the myHomework app has is as you complete assignments you can check them off and they disappear. You can also put in links to assignments or websites for the assignment as well as extra notes for the class as well. If you use the mobile version you can use the widgets which show you what classes you have that day with class number, location, and time that you put in previously. The widget also has a short list of 15 assignments coming up. Not only are your classes sorted by whats coming up the earliest but by class, priority (that you set low, medium, or high), and type (homework, exam etc.).

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There is a premium version as well for $5 a year that gives you access to the widgets, upload pictures & files to homework & classes, access to 60+ themes, and no ads. Whether you get premium or the free version you will have access to the most important features of the app.

Overall myHomework app has been a great help in keeping my personal calendar separate from my academic calendar. Not only is the app easy to use its always available and takes the traditional way of marking up physical calendars or jamming up your personal calendar. I highly recommend the use of the myHomework app for all students in any grade level.


Image result for my homework app Image result for my homework app