Music Review: Summertime Shootout 2

One of my favorite rappers of all time has finally dropped another amazing mixtape. Summertime Shootout 2 is Fabolous’ sequel project that has his fans going crazy. He’s known for his tasteful lyrics, clever play on words, effervescent flow, and banging beats. This time around we expected no different. Summertime Shootout 2 has the twists and turns of a great story. Fab’s trappin’-to-rappin’ life is depicted in a whole new way. His storytelling is phenomenal in this mixtape as he includes phone call skits at the end of a few songs to create a deeper meaning to his lyrics.

So what was the purpose in hearing his 4am phone call? After covering one of Rihanna’s hit singles off her latest album, the 4am call illustrates the type of guy Fab used to be. He was a rapper by day and hustler at night, and never got any sleep. This is how you live when you’re hungry for success.


His track, Ashanti, where he samples one of her most popular songs is one of my favorites. What I love about Fab is how he reveals his character to his fans. The conversation at the end of this track includes Fab talking about a great subject: getting out of the game. Instead of hustling and being in the streets, he wants to start another hustle. He wants to be successful and not just be feared for his money, respect, and power. And it’s also shown that the woman doesn’t even understand his desire to get out the streets. This correlates with the theme of the television show, Power. Omari Hardwick’s main purpose in the show is to try to get out of the hustle, and become a successful man off clean money. He wants to build a brand from the bottom up, and cover his illegal tracks. So while the Power theme song plays in the background, Fab ponders a question that was significant to his past life. This shows us how Fab thinks, and how he grew since that chapter of his life.

One of the last intimate conversations we hear is so important to understand how real the game was. After For the Family ends the woman’s speaks “Be safe” softly from her lips. This spoke volumes to how dangerous the streets could be. She wasn’t sure if she would see him tomorrow. Nowadays, we have to say that to everyone. To our children, friends, colored people, religious people and the list goes on. That phone call was his last and final drop. This was his goodbye to the game, and the hello to his future.

Fabolous collaborated with Trey Songz, Wale, Tory Lanez, and a few other artists to create this new project. My favorite tracks include Faith in Me, Ashanti, Wishing, and I’m Going Down. From the Jamaican vibes, to the summertime feels, to the arrows of love, to the 90’s groove Summertime Shootout 2 takes you on a journey through Fab’s past, present, and future.

If you want to hear some of the music from the mixtape, listen below and download the album here.