Tech of the Week: Letgo App

I’m sure many of you have seen the commercial of someone clinging on to an item even when they are in harms way and the only way to be safe again is to sell their item to someone who will benefit more from the item. Although this is obviously more dramatized its basically the same idea for quickly buying and selling items!

The Letgo app makes buying and selling that much easier all you have to do is snap a picture place the price and a brief description of the item and wait for someone to contact you. The main difference between Letgo and other competitor such as Ebay or amazon is being able to directly message the seller quickly as you would with any messaging app. You can negotiate for lower prices with the seller unlike Amazon or Ebay most sellers already have their prices posted and aren’t going to change pricing just for you. With Letgo negotiations are back on the  table and as you move into different areas different sellers will show up. You can set your radius to allow closer or further sellers to appear in your feed. There is a large variety of things available from cars, bikes, cell phones, sound systems, shoes, and so much more!

Letgo is just another buying option for the things you need but don’t want to pay full price for and/or pay shipping for. The app is straight forward snap a pic, post, and sell for quick turn around for items you don’t use anymore! Give Letgo a try and LET GO of those items you know are just taking up space in your home and dorm!

This app is available in the play store, the app store, or online here.