Prima Donna, Vince Staples: The Red Wedding of Music

When songs like “Broccoli” and “Pick up the Phone” are surging throughout U.S. radio stations, balance is a necessity.  Insert: Vince Staples.  This man, is no doubt, one of the most refreshing voices in Hip Hop. From former gang banger who just “wanted to kill people” to rapper who has no regard for anyone else’s opinions but his own, Staples has been using his music as an outlet to express his deep seeded emotions.  Whatever’s on his mind (a lot) ends up on paper, eventually ending up on our iPods.

Staples isn’t rapping for Hip Hop.  He could honestly care less about entertaining people.  Staples is here to shed light on the actual going-ons in black communities.  He’s very serious.  To Staples, there’s way too much inauthenticity in Hip Hop.  Fake rappers making millions from portraying themselves as gangsters and glorifying the hood only hurts their own communities.

His new EP, Prima Donna, is only 7 tracks long. His ominous rendition of ‘This Little Light of Mine’ ends with a gunshot, setting a brooding tone of the rest of the brief project. Despite, Prima Donna’s length, it leaves a huge impact on its listeners.  Staples’ life has changed.  He still talks about the societal issues affecting his friends, family, and community, but this time, from a celebrity-going-bonkers perspective.  Like, borderline Childish Gambino crazy.  Externally, he’s numb.  Internally he’s screaming.  Fame gets to people.

Check it out:

The EP is phenomenal, but the short film takes the message to the next level.  Staples may have a dark outlook on life, but he’s just rapping through experience.  Real experience.

Now, Vince Staples is definitely not for everyone.  If you, like much of the suburban college community, prefer to exclusively listen to the Rap Caviar Spotify playlist, Staples is not your guy.  But, if you are willing to fall into a deep state of mania for about 20 minutes, give Prima Donna a listen.  After listening to it in full, you may find yourself in a post-Game of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’ depression.  So, I’d probably prescribe something along the lines of Coloring Book as a Lift-Me-Up.

Also, the short film film is a MUST WATCH:

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, listen to Prima Donna backwards.  It’s the move.