BLOG: Who’s Actually Winning?

For the past week all I have been seeing on twitter is how these white girls are “winning” and “evolving”. These statements make me question what they are evolving into and who they believe they are in competition with. The basis of their  “evolution” came about because some white girls are getting attention for being able to dance with rhythm and on beat, which isn’t hard. This new trend of white girls dancing started after a video of Hannah went viral, Hannah is a white girl that took on the TZ Anthem challenge. Check out her video below as well as the original.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these young women participating because in the past there have been other challenges; however I do have a problem with the fact that people say they are evolving and winning because in reality they are doing nothing different from what black culture has done and continues to do. The appropriation of black culture is what they are “winning” at. What is cultural appropriation? Cultural appropriation is when someone takes elements and things from another culture and turns them into trends as if they are the originator. Now if  these white girls are evolving  and black culture is where these trends are coming from then who is actually winning?