Apple’s Newest Advance: The iPhone 7

On September 7, 2016 hundreds of people stood in line outside the Apple Store located at

the Willow Grove Mall. They were anxiously awaiting to purchase either the iPhone 7 or iPhone

7 Plus that became available to the public the second the store doors opened. Andrew Barth, a

Business Specialist employee at this multinational technology company was working on this day

that was anything but isolated with Apple fans. In order to find out some expert info regarding

new features of the 7, along with his personal background and opinions, Andrew was asked some

interesting questions about this company.

To begin with, Andrew’s passion for technology started as a young boy, where he found himself

doing extensive research on many kinds of new products, including TV’s, phones, and

computers. He found it interesting to expand his knowledge on these new kinds of products and

became overjoyed to help out people who needed advice or help with the newest inventions

throughout America. Andrew has been working for Apple since he was 20, and he is now 24. His

number-one priority as an Apple employee is to “enrich the lives of thousands of people.”

No worries readers! There is still a great deal of information regarding the newest Apple device:

the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. One of the most talked about features of the Plus is the dual camera

lenses. Many are wondering the reasoning behind this, and I’m glad to say the answer was found

from the expert himself! The user is given the ability to move as far back as 40 feet, and still

capture pictures with amazing quality. It looks as if the picture was taken only two feet away.

Furthermore, the user is able to zoom in up to 10x on a picture and the details will be crystal-

clear, as if you were only a few steps away from the picture itself. Taking photos for social

media and for other reasoning’s is an extremely popular activity in society, and Apple can

provide the best tools for everyone’s satisfaction.

Ever accidently drop your phone in the sink or toilet? Nearly 1/5 people have been faced with the

same horrifying dilemma at least once in their life. That is why Apple had made this iPhone 7

both water and dust proof for those uncoordinated mishaps in your life. Furthermore, there is no

need to worry about your phone dying at an inconvenient time. Apple has increased this iPhone’s

battery life significantly. It doesn’t end here! Many have questioned the reasoning behind the

removal of the headphone jack. Because of this decision, the new device is actually able to run

50% faster versus previous iPhones. In case someone still prefers to use the standard

headphones, there is an adapter that comes with the iPhone purchase. Lastly, the technological

device comes in a total of five colors, with Jet Black being the highest in demand. Andrew has

this color choice himself for his 7 Plus. His most valued asset of this iPhone is the improvement

of the camera lens because he also has a passion for taking pictures.

Andrew strongly believes that his company is built perfectly for any education purposes.

Students are guaranteed to get a discount or promotion on Macs, which are an extremely

common purchase for this education level. Andrew also confidently claimed, “Apple focuses on

the creative applications that can make a student’s life easier by staying more organized, to

creating stunning-like presentations, videos, papers, and more. They still today have a deep focus

on how they can make these hard working college students and teachers lives, less stressed and

hassle free.”

The iPhone 7 has become the new, most in demand product in the world because of

the undeniable reason that it makes everyone’s life smooth and simple.


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