Snapchat, the mobile app that lets you take pictures of whatever your doing for your friends to see, is releasing snapchat sunglasses. Basically, it’s a pair of sunglasses with a camera inside.

Since the death of Google glasses, a joke in of itself, snapchat is going to release what they call “spectacles” this fall.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel gave this surprise announcement which came with the launch of Snap, Inc. Snap, Inc. is positioned as a “camera company,” and Spectacles are its first product. The spectacles have a camera inside and record video. The sunglasses are big and have led lights installed in them. They look sort of weird, but who knows? It may become the next big thing or become a big joke like google glasses.

Spectacles can record up to 10 second video clips that upload to snapchat from your Iphone or Android. However, it would have to be paired to each other by Bluetooth or WiFi. The glasses also have an included pod for them to be charged in. The glasses have a  prominent circular ring of LEDs that light up when video is being shot. The glasses are going to cost $130 once released.

Unlike google glass or other camera glasses, Spectacles is is striving to do something that the other companies couldn’t do. It’s trying to define itself since it is a brand new company. Why not start of with something cool and fun?

What do you think? For more information on check on Snap’s Spectacles page.

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