In today’s tech savvy world we all seem to be glued to our mobile devices day in and day out to the point we check our phones even when we don’t get notifications. Sometimes you might just miss an important call that you may not be in the position to answer but still want to send a quick message saying you’ll call right back. Maybe you’re health conscious and health monitoring is important to you as you engage in daily activities. If you fit in either of these categories or anywhere in between a smart watch could be for you!

Smart watches aren’t meant to replace your phone they are more of a middle man letting you know quick information such as weather, time, and notifications. Today there are a plethora of different styles, brands, and options to make your watch more custom to you. Now there are even several generations so you could get your hands on an older model and save hundreds of dollars. As you use your smart watch you can download more apps to your needs anywhere from tracking you while you run, to more variety of watch faces for your watch.

The benefits of a smart watch are to quickly view important information at the “flick of the wrist” rather than unlocking your phone and checking that way. Not only does checking your phone as often save battery it also keeps your more engaged when in conversation with others if all you answer to are important information. Some smart watches also include a gig or two of memory so you can listen to music on the go. In addition to a gig of memory some smart watches such as the Samsung gear S2 have sim cards for data so you can stream music directly from your watch into Bluetooth headphones or leave your phone at home and still be able to answer calls and reply to text messages.

The main con of smart watches is battery life depending on the brand you get. For example if you get the Pebble smartwatch you are looking at days of usage but if you get a more advanced watch you are looking at maybe two days or less depending on usage. Other than that a smart watch is a great edition to your daily tech item that can prove very useful.

Below I have listed several options of smart watches that you can buy right now that are the best bang for your buck. As always do your research to find the best smart watch for you and your needs!


Moto 360 1st gen refurbished-

Zen Watch 2-

Pebble Round-

Kevin is a Sophomore from Northeast Philadelphia studying psychology neuroscience. He is the marketing and outreach manager for the Underground and on his free time you can find him sleeping, studying, or at the gym.