Five Ways to Improve Your Snapping Experience

Snapchat is one of the most successful apps today. There are settings you can change to make the app more fun for you? Below are five settings that you can change in order to get the most out of your Snapchat experience.

1.Personalized Friend Emojis

Snapchat emoji

As you know, friend emojis can change over time based on how you interact with your Snapchat buddies, but you can customize them to show alternative emojis as well.

 To change your friend emojis, tap the ghost icon at the top of your screen. Then tap on the cog-shaped Settings icon to the top right. Scroll down to the Additional Services section, then select Manage Preferences. Finally, choose Friend Emojis.

Tap on the emoji you want to customize, e.g., “Besties,” then select which emoji you want to represent this friend category.

Above, you can see the emojis you can change a friend, too.

2. Change a Friend’s Snapchat name

You can change how your friend’s Snapchat username appears to you.

To change a name, tap on the ghost icon at the top of your screen, then select My Friends.

Tap on the friend who’s name you want to change and in the pop-up box that appears, tap the larger screen name (not the username). This will bring up another box that gives you the option to change it. You can also tap the cog-shaped icon that appears in the top right of the pop up box and select Edit Name. Then save!

3. Get Old Lenses by Changing the Date on Your Phone

Do you miss the original lenses? The puking rainbow or evil rabbit lenses? Though Snapchat swaps in new lenses each day, you can revert to previous ones that have disappeared by changing the date in your device’s main settings.

On iOS, go to Settings —> General —> Date & Time and turn off “set automatically.” On Android, go to Settings —> Date & Time and uncheck “automatic date and time.”

Then, choose the date that offered the lenses you want to use again (go back to Sept. 15, 2015, the day of the update). It’s probably not a good idea to leave your phone on the wrong date for a long time because it might mess with other apps. So once you’re done snapping, change your settings back to automatic.

4. Enable your Snapchat Birthday Party

You can give yourself a Snapchat-themed birthday celebration with a feature hidden in your Settings menu.

 Head to Settings via the ghost and setting button at the side, then tap on Birthday under My Account. Here, you can toggle on the option to enable your personal Birthday Party.

As well as give you a birthday cake icon next to your name on your special date this will also give you some “other fun surprises” on the big day itself!

5. Use Two Filters at Once

If you simply can’t choose between a geofilter and one of Snapchat’s photo filters, you don’t have to anymore! To use a combination, swipe over your photo as you normally would to add the first filter. Then hold down on the screen with one finger and carefully swipe with another to add the second filter.