Solange’s newest album, Seat At The Table, was released a few weeks ago in September. This 21 song album gives listeners such a soothing, quiet storm feel. Solange’s mother, father, and Master P appear on short interludes to transition between the songs.

Solange is the queen of visuals. From her brights outfits, to her beautiful hair, to the creation of images in her videos, she truly represents the talent of musical artistry. This album is taking lyricism to a whole other level. Her soft, subtle voice speaks to those who are tired of this generation’s so called “music” nowadays. Her music (both beat and lyrics) is actually full of meaning; unlike the music we hear on the radio today. Most people are tired of the same old hard beats, and messages about drugs, money, and lust. She brought a new sound to r&b music. Everyone seems to love her album, especially those who can relate to what she’s saying.
Don’t Touch my Hair, Cranes In The Sky, For Us By Us, and my favorite one Mad captures what the album is all about. The reason why I love these songs the most is because it speaks to my blackness. No one is allowed to chose what skin color they are born with. Only those that share your skin color can relate to what kind of experiences you have been through. Solange speaks on racism, sexism, abuse, heart break, and coping with these issues. Although these issues are stressed now more then ever, Solange approaches these issues in a whole new way.

Mad is a song that lets black females know that it’s okay to be angry at the world sometimes. We have a right to be, and we have our reasons. Don’t Touch My Hair is a deep song that only black females can relate to. It’s pertaining to, but not limited to hair. This song is for every black girl who experienced someone who touched their hair, and inquired about its uniqueness. Whether our hair is permed, relaxed, or natural, do not ask to touch it. Because our hair may be a little kinkier, curlier, darker, or thicker than yours does not give you the right to judge it. For Us By Us celebrates black culture. Basically saying that if you do not understand what Solange is singing about than this album is not for you. Black people are given a platform to vocalize their truths. They should never get tired of talking about the issues they deal with, even if people get tired of hearing them. Celebrating and taking pride in black culture is making it superior to others. If others can not understand that then they are not for or by us.

Nicole is a junior at Penn State and is a writer for the RISE Magazine. Her major is broadcast journalism. Aside from loving to write, she loves to dance. Contact Info: