5 Fun, Festive Fall and Thanksgiving Activities

Looking to get in the Fall or Thanksgiving spirit at Penn State? Check out these 5 creative ideas for both you and your friends to have some fun before the full-week break coming up soon! There are more existing activities than you think that will leave memorable memories for your Penn State experience.

1. Visit the Arboretum
The Arboretum is known for its spacious garden venue sprouting of beautiful nature and the eye-opening arts all throughout the site. Good news: the season of Fall has even more to offer at the Arb! This garden is full of red, orange, and yellow leaves sprouting from the soaring trees and bright pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Bring your friends and take some cute pictures to upgrade those “likes” on Instagram!93-og

2.  Harner Farm
This farm is extremely close to Penn State and only a few driving minutes away! Visit this site to find the perfect pumpkin, pick some scrumptious red apples, or enjoy Fall activities such as a corn maze.

3. Participate in the Student Thanksgiving Basket Drive
Of course, Thanksgiving is a time to spend with those you love most and eat so much turkey “until you can’t eat no more!” But it never hurts to help those in need who don’t have all the necessities to prepare for a special Thanksgiving dinner. These baskets are due by Friday, November 14th by 5PM in room 209 of the HUB. Make sure to include the following items in the basket:

* $20 gift certificate from local grocery store (for purchase of a turkey)
* Turkey gravy
* Stuffing
* Instant mashed potatoes mix
* Cranberry sauce
* Canned yams
* Canned vegetables (corn or peas)
* Canned fruits
* Pie crust mix
* Pie filling
* Bread mixes (e.g. pumpkin, gingerbread, etc.)
* Bisquick
* Applesauce
* Bottled beverages (e.g. juice)
* Decorative Thanksgiving napkins and/or plates
* Thanksgiving Day card from your group
and you will be all set to make a family’s holiday especially delightful!

4. Organize a Turkey Bowl Football Game
Create your own early Superbowl between you and your friends! Before Thanksgiving break, round up a group of about 15-30 people and play a full game of football. This crispy weather with a little breeze is perfect for some outdoor competitive but fun time.

5. Create Your Own ‘Friendsgiving’
Grab your close group of friends and organize a dinner to celebrate this special November holiday before the real day comes up on November 24th. If everyone brings a dish, this can easily turn into a huge meal that will leave you extremely satisfied. By celebrating an early Thanksgiving, you will be able to celebrate this holiday with not only your family, but also your unforgettable Penn State friends.


Image credits: Arboretum,  Buzzfeed, WPSU