As black Friday comes closer and closer you can expect an extensive amount of people, traffic, and deals especially on tech! Here are some of the top tech 4 essentials to look for this Black Friday as well as a wild card.

1. Laptop
The one thing a modern day college student can’t do without is a laptop! Check out this Asus 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop. If your laptop is burning your leg, falling apart, or not lasting as long as it used to it’s time for a new laptop! There are some crazy deals on laptops of all kinds and once the price drops the value goes up. Look online but don’t forget to go in as well where the bulk of deals are. Not sure what to look for in laptops? Check out my previous guide on laptop shopping.

2. Headphones
Sometimes you just need to get away from the world and be in your own for a while. Look out for some brand name discounts but don’t forget that not all deals are created equal. Comparing a 20% off Bose or Beats compared to 50% off of another brand is a no brainer. Other brands are marking down more than big names and you can still get a great product so be mindful!

3. Cell Phones/Plans
I’m sure that some of you might me looking at this post through cracks in your phone or looking at your current phone bill like why is it so high! Well there are some solutions for both. Right now T-Mobile is running a deal of 4 lines for the price of 3. $45 dollars per line totaling $135 for unlimited everything and another deal of pay for 2 lines and get two lines free. If your friends and family want to save money you can get them together and help each other out. For phones check ebay and amazon for great deals on good cell phones.

4. Cameras
If you’re looking to debut your YouTube career or want some new quality photos for your dorm keep an eye out on camera deals. Check out this Canon bundle deal that could cost hundreds of dollars more than what you pay for. If a dslr is not what you’re looking for then smaller digital camera is also a viable option.

Overall Black Friday doesn’t need to be hectic if you approach it in the right manner. Keep in mind that many of the things that you want you can buy anytime throughout the year as well and pay it off in increments rather than ONLY on black Friday. Deals on clothes are also happening so don’t forget to checkout your local retailers. Lastly cyber Monday could be a good day for some tech deals as well so if you weren’t able on Friday there is Monday to make up for it for stores restock.

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Kevin is a Sophomore from Northeast Philadelphia studying psychology neuroscience. He is the marketing and outreach manager for the Underground and on his free time you can find him sleeping, studying, or at the gym.