Your Guide to Gifts on a Budget

If you’re like me, you’re currently (or should be) studying for finals. Depending on what day your finals are, you’re also set to head out of State College in a few days. For some of you, life came at you fast and you still need to buy gifts for your friends, and you’re running out of time. No worries though, we’re always one step ahead. Here’s a guide to a few last-minute gifts on a budget:

Get Personal

Sometimes, it’s not always about the big and flashy gifts. Depending on the person, a nice little homemade gift will suffice. Check out our Pinterest boards for a little inspiration. From 5 minute DIY Lip Balm to home-made mugs, you’ll find something.


Short, Sweet, and Complete

Don’t rule out the classic feel-good card. A bit of glitter, gold, and a sweet message can go a long way.


Finesse the Gift Card

Trust me when I say that a $5 or $10 gift card goes a very long way. Dress it up with some fancy decorations or put it in a jar of candy for the ultimate Christmas gift on a budget.


In the end, whatever you decide, I’m sure the person will be grateful. Happy holiday shopping!

Design: Adriana Lacy