Thanks for the Meme-ories

It was the best of memes, it was the worst of memes. It was the age of Kermit, it was the age of Harambe.

When looking back at this year, it’s clear that 2016 was the year of memes. So in no particular order, we present to you the best memes of the year:


Probably one of the most inspirational memes of the year, Harambe the gorilla took the world by storm when he was slain after a child accidentally got into the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla enclosure. Since then, the gorilla has taken the world by storm with shirts, hats, signs, and more. RIP Harambe, why do the good die young?

Arthur’s Fist

Talk about iconic. Who would have known that Arthur the anteater would be one of the biggest memes of the year?

J. Cole Went (Double) Platinum With No Features

This is iconic. Honestly. Truly. The meme started with rapper J Cole’s fans hyping the fact that the artist went platinum without featuring any other guests on his soundtrack. From there, it spun out of control and was used in almost every situation.

Ted Cruz

Let’s face it. He’s the Zodiac Killer. He made himself a meme during his failed presidential campaign. And let’s be honest. No one likes Ted Cruz.


Mr. Krabs Blur

Our favorite underwater cheap skate rose to fame this year with a blurry photo of him used in any situation that gets real, really quickly. From awkward questions to missing the train, this meme was the go to for anything unplanned.

Bon appétit fail

If we’re being honest, there really isn’t any explanation for this one.



If you couldn’t tell, the TV show is very popular in the meme world.


Name a More Iconic Duo…I’ll Wait.

photo credit: @negansvoid

It all started with a tweet about famous sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Then, it exploded into duos including other people, food, and more. Name a more iconic meme? I’ll wait.


Kermit – But that’s none of my business


Equipped with a cup of Lipton tea in hand, Kermit was the go to for any and all types of shade. Eventually, the clapbacks moved from the original meme to simply using the tea and frog emojis.

Evil Kermit

While this meme is relatively new to the scene, its taken the world by storm. Unlike it’s tea sipping predecessor, this meme is equivalent to the angel and the devil on your shoulders.

DJ Khaled

photo credit: complex

Don’t ever play yourself. The popular ‘We da best!’ DJ turned his whole entire life into a meme this year. From his Snapchat shenanigans to catch phrases, DJ Khaled made it clear that THEY don’t want us to succeed.

Record Scratch, Freeze Frame

“So, uh you’re probably wondering how I ended up here.” A play on a classic movie line, this meme makes light of all the crazy situations that people get themselves into, often times with pictures you can’t even explain.

Conceited Reaction

That seems to be what everyone else is calling this meme, so we’ll go with it. This meme is of rapper Conceited’s lips. The meme is used for all sorts of things. When people know that you’re lying, when you don’t want to do something and more.

Photo Credit: The Underground