SPA Presents Young Rising Sons and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Who knew the venue that hosts New Student Orientation would also serve as a concert venue?

Friday night, Penn State’s Student Programming Association (SPA) hosted an invigorating concert for hundreds of students in Alumni Hall.

The concert was held as part of SPA Day, an annual day that features programs and performances from all arms of SPA, including the LateNight, Entertainment, Lectures, Noontime, and Edventures committee.

The day was filled with tabling in the HUB, a reveal of the new SPA logo, a CrafTEA time and more. To top the night off, Young Rising Sons and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness lit up the the HUB’s Alumni Hall.

As the lights dimmed and dramatic music filled the air, the crowd grew silent as the four members of Young Rising Sons took the stage.

Energy radiated from the crowd as lead singer and guitarist Andy Tongren began to sing. The crowd seemed to favor Red and Gold the most and sang along with the band while dancing and having a good time.

Photo Credit: Adriana Lacy

After a brief stage change, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness took the stage and crowd went wild.

The crowd enjoyed a rendition of Dark Blue, a song written when McMahon was a member of pop rock band Jack’s Mannequin. McMahon even gave the crowd a sneak peak of the band’s newest upcoming album Walking in My Sleep.

Photo Credit: Adrian Lacy

Overall, the performances seemed to make a positive impact on the students in attendance and made for a great night.

To learn more about SPA and future events, click here.

Photo Credit: Adriana Lacy