This Dope Female Emcee is Back At It Again After a Year of Musical Silence

“I’m Better” is a song with a hard bass, and a slow build up for the beat drop. This R&B and hip hop vibe will send chills up your spine as Missy uses her sexy voice to showcase her confidence. Her slow paced, conversational tone reminds us of her standing in the music industry; she’s an icon, and a rap legend.

She may have been gone long but she hasn’t had yet to disappoint. She serenades us in her bridge to establish her power as a woman over the men in this world, “Missy got dudes in Orlando/ And I be driving cars that he paying for/ He say I’m too much I’m a handful.” In the second half of the hook Missy says, “He watching my body while watching Scandal/ But I’m just here with my girls”, which is relative to today’s time.

Being that the season 6 premiere of Scandal premiered last Thursday January 26, 2017, it’s clear Missy is in sync with the changing times of this generation. Not only did she bless our ears with a fire song, but she also blesses our eyes with a jaw dropping video that accentuates her beauty in every form.

The music video is quirky and unconventional, as per usual. Missy still presents her creativity through her outfits and eye-popping visuals. Especially with her being the sea goddess of an underwater aquarium. From her dance moves, to her bold makeup, to her blonde hair Missy spews inspiration onto women everywhere who look up to her as a female emcee that broke down barriers in a male dominated industry. Check out the music video below.

Along with the quirky video, Missy releases a clip of a new documentary that she’s been working on. She opens her documentary trailer saying, “It’s never just a record for me, it’s never just making a hot record. I can do that in my sleep. But visually I have to see what I’m going to do with that record when I perform it.”Her much anticipated documentary will hopefully explain her absence and long awaited album. Check out the trailer for the documentary.

Missy has been in the cut ever since 2015 when she dropped the single “WTF”. Before that her last singles were “Shake Your Pom Pom” and “Ching-a-ling” in 2008, which followed her last album “The Cookbook” in 2006. In between that time Missy only made guest appearances on songs for artists like Ciara, Ginuwine, Fantasia, J Cole, Keyshia Cole and many more. So does this mean a follow up album is cooking?