College Universe App Eases College Life

For Andrew McWhite, simplicity is key.

As a graduate of Shippensburg University (’16), McWhite always wanted a way to organize his classes and find out about events happening around campus.

With over 8,000 students at Shippensburg, McWhite felt that he and many students at his school were missing out on exciting events on campus, simply because they did not know about them.

“A lot of work goes into events and organizations to create memorable moments, networking, opportunities, and making friends,” McWhite said. “I decided creating an app would be best to improve those things as we are always using our mobile phones.”

That simple idea turned into College Universe, an app with the goal to “achieve the best college experience.”

Not only is the app full of information on college events, clubs, sports, and greek life, but it also provides a powerful interface that combines various campus platforms.

Right now, the app is available for students at Penn State University Park, Bloomsburg University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown University, Temple University, West Chester University, and McWhite’s alma mater, Shippensburg University.

At Penn State, the app is able to provide notifications from platforms such as Canvas, WebMail, and LionPath, as well as a section for information about the latest events on campus and more.

College Universe is currently available on iOS and Google Play, and McWhite is always working to make the app even better.

“We receive feedback every day from students on how they love the features that College Universe offers,” he said. “I am constantly working hard on improving those features and plan to bring more features that students have requested.”

McWhite said that the app has garnered a lot of success since the launch, and that new users join daily.

In the future, McWhite hopes to expand the app and provide a version for every college.