2017 THON Line Dance Lyrics


Nittany Lions, bring the heat // for 46 we’re on our feet

Stand tall, stretch it out // time to show what THONs about

FTK! Let’s get loud! // crank that volume in the crowd

‘Round the world, we unite // all together in the fight


Verse #1 (Penn State)

Blue & white forever true// Penn State grows. Woah! That’s new!

East begins its renovation // Canyon — new location

Dear Mike, we miss you most // favorite mailman leaves the post

All In movement takes the lead // Lion’s Pantry seeks to feed

Target — is the spot // LionPATH, can we not?

Storm the field, scream and shout // Ohio State gets whited out

Wrestling — champs again // Nittany Lions win B1G 10!

Smell the roses, bags are packed // Penn State football! Guess who’s back?



Ignite! Electrify! // Come on raise your diamonds high

One purpose, FOR THE KIDS! // Hours dancing; 46!

Shake the stands, rock the floor // Hear our little lions roar

Look around, take it in // This fight — we will win


Verse #2 (Current events/sports)

Aleppo seeks light in the dark // Orland’s Pulse beats in our heart

England — “Peace out, EU!” // Hop on flights to Cuba too

Orcas will be swimming free // Space X in the galaxy

Election puts, Trump on top // Obama’s out — mic drop

Final 5, strong & bold // Phelps, Ledecky made of gold

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee // Mohammad’s — legacy

Mr. Palmer hits last drive // Peyton Manning says goodbye

Good year, to be a Cub // Lester City turns it up

Cleveland — wins the ring // a kid from Akron still the king




Verse #3 (Entertainment)

Snapchat makes us dogs and deer // stranger things happened here

Rain drop — Drop top // where’s the closest Poke stop?

Gilmore Girls continue story // splash around with FInding Dory

Leo lives his Oscar dream // HARAMBE — make a meme

Closer playing on repeat // Running man — on that beat

Is it Broadway? Is it school? // Hamilton makes history cool

Leia’s force will remain // Prince sings in the purple rain

Welcome back to life Jon Snow // sorry if you didn’t know!

Why is everything so lit?! // What was this year’s biggest hit?!




Verse #4 (THON)

BJC, now’s our chance // show the families why we dance

Past and present volunteers // with Four Diamonds 40 years

Penn State students show they care // one mission we all share

Diamonds — guide the way // we will celebrate one day

Rise up, strength defines you // wisdom — support behind you

Courage — to face unknown // Honesty — leads you home

Fireflies in the night // today we spark tomorrow’s light

Boundaries broken, future bright // hope within, we ignite