Dancer Interviews: Sigma Nu

During pre-THON three dancers from the Sigma Nu organization talked to The Underground. 

The three dancers said they looked forward to the whole experience of THON 2017. They all attended THON in previous years from the stands, but this is their first year being on the floor. 

“You don’t get a lot of exposure from the stands. It’s nice to be on the floor this time.”

“Also seeing everything that THON has to offer.”

“I look forward to being on the floor and getting to interact with everyone and the families, this experience is truly once in a lifetime.”

The dancers believed that THON is different in 2017 compared to last year. From being in the stands to now being on the floor, it’s a lot more free space. The space creates much more freedom to do activities, instead of being in a tight space. 

When asked how they prepared for this 46 hour long event, they agreed that, “Drinking water and Gatorade, getting lots of sleep, and stretching” helped them to stay fit and ready for THON.

In terms of what they plan to do after THON is over? They say it depends on how they’re feeling. 

Photo Credit: Caitriona Pearson