THON is finally here, and the dancers are standing to officially kick off  the 46-hour event. Before it all started, The Underground had a chance to talk with dancer 1B Cameron Spiller.

From being a freshman not making it into THON, to being elected as a dancer for THON his senior year, Spiller shares what he looks forward to this weekend.

Other than this being a humbling experience, he says the feeling of being elected to dance is overwhelming.

“I think this will give me motivation to continue to fight on despite the circumstances of reality. It gives me a whole new perspective on children and their lives, that’s really why I wanted to do this.”

Spiller has a soft spot for children. He loves being with kids and talking to them. He mentions the positive impact that THON will have on him.

“It’s really for the kids. It’s a deeper appreciation for health… it’s a blessing”.

THON started 40 years ago, as part of a fraternity council. This is the largest student-run philanthropy across the nation that benefits children with cancer. For freshman and those not familiar with THON, Spiller explains it’s a philanthropy to support families that cannot afford cancer treatment at the Four Diamond. The funding covers all the patient’s bills including transportation, and funding also goes to research.

With the line dance already taught, Spiller looks forward to learning the line dance this year despite having no prior dance training. Although he admits to not being quite the dancer type, he is surely all FTK (For The Kids).

“I love kids, I’m very family oriented, so when I see the kids I don’t know how I’m going to act. I’m probably going to act like a kid, too.”

What he’s looking forward to the most is talking with the kids and the families at THON. He’s also excited to see THON children who survived at the Four Diamonds for treatment to come back and participate in THON 2017. They can expect some encouraging words and a water gun fight!

“I can only imagine talking to the children and talking their families…it’s going to be overwhelming” said Spiller.

It’s safe to say that Spiller’s admiration for his first ever THON experience is largely due to his love for Penn State. Being a part of the THON 2017 experience for his last year creates a bittersweet moment for him.

“This is my home, I made Penn State my home. This is my community; everything that happens in this community I’m going to be a part of.”

Nicole is a junior at Penn State and is a writer for the RISE Magazine. Her major is broadcast journalism. Aside from loving to write, she loves to dance. Contact Info: