For thousands of Penn State students this is their first THON. Some may have grown up watching canning take place in their hometowns, for others it was something they hadn’t heard of until arriving on campus for the first time in Fall.

The lower half of the Bryce Jordan Center had filled up by 8 p.m. on Friday evening and students were being redirected to the upper mezzanine. Despite being higher up this wasn’t deterring first time THON goers.

The Underground talked to Freshmen students about their first THON from the upper levels of the BJC.

Naomi Waller and Akeesha Williams, both attending their first THON as Freshmen said “ there was so much color and so much excitement”. Decked out in bright THON gear sitting in the mezzanine did nothing to detract from their first experience and they were enjoying following the line dance routine.

Similarly Rachel Betz and Ethan Griswold, both Freshmen thought “THON is everything we thought it would be and more”. Both students said the view from above was allowing them to see all the color and excitement in action, in particular all the greek life signs dotting around the arena.

Photo Credit: Adriana Lacy | The Underground