46 hours, no sitting, no sleep. That’s the job description for many of the dancers at the BJC during THON weekend. Whether on stage, on the floor of the BJC, or behind the scenes, the goal is for the dancers to be consistently active, and to keep on dancing.

Laura White, a member of the Zeta Psi sorority, is dancing for Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP), a non profit organization representing nursing students throughout the Commonwealth. “We’re here for 46 hours to raise money and raise awareness for pediatric cancer,” White explained.

Despite how difficult the task that lies ahead for White and her fellow dancers, she draws inspiration from the children she is dancing for. “Yes, my feet and my knees ache a little bit,” she said. “If you just think about what those kids go through, it’s not hard. They go through that for years and years and years, ten times worse than what we’re felling right now. You just have to remind yourself of that and you feel totally fine. ”

In addition to the children they represent, White and dancers like her draw support from their Dance Relations Committee Members (DRCMs), who are each assigned a dancer to take care of for THON weekend. “We all get assigned a DRCM, and they’re here for the majority of the time, by our sides cheering us on. We’re also allowed a couple passes to the floor which is usually family members or close friends and they come down for up to two hours and cheer you on throughout the whole weekend. ” That kind of support, White explained, is what keeps her going as the weekend unfolds.