THON’s Entertainment Team Works to Maintain a Fun Atmosphere in the BJC

In order to keep the fun, electric atmosphere of THON, THON’s entertainment team provides a variety of different games and acts to energize the crowd. In order to accomplish this, the entertainment team (or ENT team) is responsible for bringing in the different activities, bands, and guests to the BJC and maintaining a sense of order throughout the chaos of THON weekend.

Lucy Billet is one of the entrance coordinators for the performers at the BJC. “It’s a little different of an ENT position,” Billet explained. “My co-captain Jake and I are responsible for coordinating the entrance and exit of all entertainment acts that come in and out of the BJC. Anyone that’s on the stage or on the floor that needs to come in and out of the building has to come through us.”

Billet explained the need for a variety of different types of acts performing for THON. “Throughout the year, the entertainment captains work to hire a variety of different kinds of acts to appeal to the entire audience at THON,” she said. “They hire different bands and student performers as well as floor acts that will go and interact with the dancers and families.”

The goal of this vast array of music and games is to create a positive atmosphere for everyone in the audience at THON. “Every year we are really trying to make that atmosphere better than it was the year before,” Billet explained. “We do everything we can to reach that goal.”

This year, in an effort to reach that goal, the ENT team was able to get musician Joe Jonas to do a surprise performance on Friday night. “That was a surprise to all of us,” Billet said. “The entertainment director, I guess, had been planning it…It kind of just brings that much more attention to the cause that we’re working for…” Only time will tell what other surprise guests THON’s entertainment team has scheduled to perform at THON this year.