Infusion hosted Penn State’s Best Dance Crew last night for its fifth year! Seven teams were put to the test, and competed against each other to earn the title of the Best Dance Crew on campus and a spot to perform as the Exhibition Act at Infusion 2017.

Urban Dance Troupe won first place. The Urban Dance Troupe originated at the Penn State Altoona Campus, and then made its way to University Park. It soon became University Park’s first hip-hop group.

Penn State Natya won second place overall. Natya told a love story through their piece which was about the consequences of social non-acceptance.

Special performances by the Exhibition Acts; The Pennharmonics and Emmanuel Houndo and Kyle took place during the show. Pennharmonics serenaded the audience with strong vocals, and Manny Houndo and Kyle used their guitar and violin to impress the audience.

The Underground was able to talk with the events director of Infusion, Gitanjali Bhushan, before the show.

She said that Infusion wanted to host an event that showcases different students performing different styles of dance. “We do this to get the Penn State dance community to be more involved and to publicize the talent that we have here” said Bhushan.

Board members of Infusion hosts Penn state’s Best Dance Crew annually. This event represents a lot of diverse groups and genres of dance, “There’s of a lot of dances that you would recognize so we just want to show what Penn State we have to offer” said Bhushan.

There were three different types of Indian dances performed, along with hip hop, jazz, and ballet styles. She also said what she expects of the show, “I think [the audience] will appreciate that there are a lot of students here with a lot of different talents, and they come in all types of forms. We don’t have one place where talent can be shown for dance on campus.”

Infusion is taking place on March 18th, 2017 at the Eisenhower Auditorium. It was announced that Mickey Singh is performing at Infusion this year!

Huge artists come to perform at Infusion, like Jay Sean who performed at the 2016 Infusion event. Tickets for Infusion will be sold at the Hub and at the Downtown Penn State Theater.

Photo credit: Madison Starr

Nicole is a junior at Penn State and is a writer for the RISE Magazine. Her major is broadcast journalism. Aside from loving to write, she loves to dance. Contact Info: