Penn State Relay for Life Raises $80, 172.45

Penn State students and families came together to celebrate, remember and fight back  against cancer over the weekend (April 7-8). Starting at 2 p.m. under the glorious early-April sun, teams walked for 24 hours around the HUB’s front lawn. In doing so, they aim to further a widely-held Penn State mission: to raise money in search of a cure for cancer.

Part of an international movement to fundraise money for cancer-related causes and held in 27 countries around the world, it’s proof of two things: that cancer touches everyone, and that we all have a part to play in overcoming it. All over the globe, people come together to walk or run for extended periods of time, around some sort of loop. It’s a show of respect towards cancer patients that tirelessly fight the disease without rest.

In honor of their strength, cancer survivors were invited to take the first lap; their caregivers joined them on the second. Later that evening, participants took the time to decorate luminaria bags, in remembrance and celebration of those they have lost. At the end of the ceremony, these bags lit the word ‘CURE’ on the HUB’s lawn. The final lap saw all the participants join together in one last lap of the lawn, following the closing ceremony.

Raising a total of $80, 172.45, the event was an unabashed success, the proceeds going towards research, care services, prevention, education, and more. During the closing ceremony, where the total fundraising amount was announced, members of the organizing committee were sure to point out that ‘we have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many.’ Not unlike THON, Relay for Life proves that Penn State students are dedicated to searching for a cure. As the committee also pointed out, each step brings us one step closer to a cure.

Photo Credit: PSU Relay for Life