Saturday afternoon on the HUB Lawn, the Indian Culture and Language Club (ICLC) along with the Indian Graduate Student Association and the Penn State Cricket club celebrated the Indian festival Holi through with fun and laughter. From noon until 5 p.m., those in attendance enjoyed traditional music, paint ball fights, food and dancing and more.

On the HUB lawn, people and the laughter made the atmosphere fill light and welcoming. Although traditional Indian music was played, everyone danced to the beat without a care and the individuals who did know the traditional dances showed the crowd how to move. Visitors were also treated to performances by Penn State Natya, N.A.M Squad, Ambitions PSU, and PSU Outcast.

Photo Credit: Chris Velez

The paint flying around the lawn, was all anyone needed to really enjoy themselves. From head to toe, everyone was covered in colorful paints, almost as if they had tie-dyed their bodies for the occasion alone, & the added supply of water guns, helped those colors mix.

In addition to the colored powder and music, visitors enjoyed free Aloo Tiki and Samosas, and free Mango Lassis as a drink.

Vydeepthi Dhulipalla, a sophomore at Penn State said that the event was a lot more fun than she expected. “The music was lit, the food was great,” she said.

Photo Credit: Chris Velez | The Underground