On Thursday night, the band Go Go Gadjet performed a free concert in Alumni Hall in the HUB. The event was a part of Blue and White Society’s “PS i (heart) U” week and was sponsored by University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC).

Go Go Gadjet is a premier cover band that performs shows throughout the Northeast and is centered here in State College. They are frequent performers at THON, and have performed at local club Indigo. The band performs songs that range from rap, to 80’s pop, to alternative music like 21 Pilots.

When people were first let into Alumni Hall at 8 o’clock, the stage was empty aside from a drum set, a couple of guitars, a DJ table, and a lighting system. Those in attendance who were not familiar with the band were likely unsure what type of music they were going to get. What they got, inevitably, was a little bit of everything. Go Go Gadjet kicked things off with a bumping remix of “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. The group followed this up with an impressive rendition of “Sugar” by Robin Shulz.

The crowd was unusually small for this type of venue; this is most likely due to the events change in location. The concert was originally scheduled to be performed on the HUB lawn but was moved indoors due to weather conditions. Despite the intimate setting, Go Go Gadjet was able to maintain high energy levels throughout the 2-and-a-half-hour set. This was primarily due to standout performances by lead vocalist Raymond Reed, who impressed the audience with riveting performances of songs by Michael Jackson and Outkast. Reed was joined on stage by rapper, vocalist, and all-around musician Jeff Tomrell. Tomrell added his own flavor to the concert with 21 Pilots hits “Ride” and “Holding On To You”. Tomrell, as Reed noted between songs, is an alumnus of Penn State.

The concert was also made memorable by band new comer Justine Strut, who wowed the audience with solo performances on the songs “Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez and “Hide Away” by Daya.

Freshman Film Major Kyra Barkley, in attendance, had seen them before at THON. “Experiencing the energy that Go Go Gadjet bought to Thon for the first time was pretty amazing,” she explained. She said that the band did, “an amazing job at getting the crowd pumped up and moving the whole time.”

Editor’s Note: The original post contained a misquote from Barkley, that has been corrected.

Photo credit: Sam Beem