Last night in Heritage Hall, the Mohona – Bangladesh Cultural club celebrated the Bengali New Year. This is the first time the MELA celebration has ever happened on Penn State’s campus. The night consisted of traditional dance performances with Bengali music, drama skits, hand painting, artwork and more! Authentic Bengali cuisines such as polao, Chicken roast, Fish curry, Egg Bhuna, Mixed vegetables, Bhaji, Rice Pudding were served, too.

After singing the national anthem, the hosts explained that it is the year 1424 according to the Bengali calendar. Also “MELA” means festival in Bengali. The hosts also acknowledged the audience, “Guys tonight is going to be a blast…this is your show, you’re in control”.

A video was shown at the beginning to capture the essence of Bangladesh, and to set the atmosphere for this big celebration of Bengali culture. The Mohona – Bangladesh cultural club is an organization that strives to shed light on the Bangladeshi and Bengali culture. With about 40 members now, they bridge the gap with the Penn State community by making connections through social and cultural events.

Photo Credit: Mohana – Bangladesh Cultural Club

Nicole is a junior at Penn State and is a writer for the RISE Magazine. Her major is broadcast journalism. Aside from loving to write, she loves to dance. Contact Info: