NCNW Presents the Ladies in the Arts Program Last Night, Starring Meagan Good

Tuesday night, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) hosted the fourth annual Ladies in the Arts program in Freeman Auditorium. The event was a platform for women to showcase their talents featuring dancers, spoken word, vocalists, instrumentalists, and a step team.

Actress Meagan Good also appeared to tell her story about attending a predominately white school, and dealing with struggles in the acting industry. Good has established quite a successful career in the television and film industry ever since she was young woman. With approximately two decades of experience in the television and film industry, Good shared insight on her life now and how she’s grown in her personal life, marriage, and acting career.

Photo Credit: Mayukh Bhowmick

The floor opened up for questions shortly after Good took the stage to share her story.

One of the audience members asked Good about the hardest role she’s ever had. Good responded that the film Waist Deep was very challenging. “The character was from a different place than I was from. It was also the first leading role that I had as a woman. I haven’t had a leading role since I was a child. I also asked myself ‘Am I going to be good?’ ‘They picked me for this part, really?'”

In addition, audience members wondered if she felt the pressure to change after marriage.

Photo Credit: Mayukh Bhowmick

“I felt like people tried to get me to [change]. The first two years was hard because criticism came from the group that I least expected it from. It was abusive and harsh and no grace whatsoever,” she said. “I asked the Lord, ‘What am I doing wrong’ and he said, ‘I need you to be you. Look at me don’t look at anyone else.'”

Another question form the audience was about advice that Good would give to her 19 year old self.

“I would say that you’re enough. I would say that it’s not that serious,” she said. “I wish that if I told myself that more the journey would be a little bit smoother, but I’m thankful that it wasn’t because the experiences I been through brought me here today.”