Penn State student looks to offer hope for Greek Life through Song The "Free Greek Life" artist tell Greek members, "We gone get through this pain"

Khalil Dunham-Carson, also known as “GUCCCI GOGGLES,” thinks that Greek Life at Penn State is going to “crap”, and other choice words that we don’t use in our publication.

Although not affiliated with a fraternity, the junior psychology major “does everything” with Greek life including philanthropy events such as THON, IM Sports, parties and more.

“Fraternities were my escape every time I did crappy in school,” Dunham-Carson told RISE Magazine via email. “When I had that hot L [loss] in econ, I went straight to Beta Sigma Beta to get my mind off of it. Those my boys. Beta boomin’ for life.”

So, when Penn State President Eric Barron announced new safety initiatives for Greek-letter organizations, including deferring recruitment of new fraternity and sorority members from the fall semester to spring,  Dunham-Carson wanted to do something about it.

That “something” came in form of song titled “Free Greek Life,” where the rapper rebukes President Barron’s decision, calling it “not right,” and equates the Greek life restrictions to one of his “mans doin’ life.”

“As of lately , our school pride has gone down since the tragic death of Tim Piazza,” Dunham-Carson said. “People are sad and are mourning right now and I figured why not make a song to make people happy by reminiscing on the good times. What’s making it worse is the new regulations that old man Barron is trying to enforce.”

Dunham-Carson also mentions some of the fraternities and sororities by name in the song, complimenting Delta Upsilon on its “lit” party floor and referring to the men of Alpha Tau Omega as his “bros.”

He also shows love for the ladies, calling the women of Alpha Zeta and Delta Gamma “some baddies that I need to make my wife.”

“I didn’t say R.I.P Greek life because I still think that there is hope that we can bounce back from this hot L [loss],” Dunham- Carson said. “I just hope that after the time served we can be able to go back to the way things were before.”

He also believes that a media portrays a negative view of Greek life as a whole. “Those stereotypes about frat guys are just wrong. The media [is] always trying to make them seem radical and out of control but in reality, it’s the opposite,” he said. “Chilliest dudes I ever met. Now sororities girls. Don’t get me started. I’ll keep it short, some of the most beautiful hard-working independent females I’ve ever met.”

Now before Dunham-Carson dabbled in Greek life shenanigans, music was what kept him going. He started participating in cyphers in middle school, and although he self-describes his middle school rapping career as “corny,” he loves music because of the energy that people can create from it and, he loves to party.

He calls himself GUCCCI GOGGLES with three C’s because he is unable to afford the “real thing” yet, referring to authentic Gucci.

“Seeing smiles on people faces, people getting amped up and getting their phones out to record the moment.  That’s what made me realize that music is special because of the people,” he said. “If the people’s reactions weren’t nearly as great as it is , then it would just be a passion but because my people believe in me, it motivates me to really invest into music and aim for greatness. ”

So, who inspires Dunham – Carson to pursue music? Unlike other artists who gather inspiration from classic figures, he inspires himself.

“If the people’s reactions weren’t nearly as great as it is , then it would just be a passion but because my people believe in me, it motivates me to really invest into music and aim for greatness. “

“Sounds crazy right, but the reason why is because I do not like comparing myself to other artists because if we start comparing , we will never truly be satisfied with ourselves.”

“I’d rather stay in my own lane. Shout out Lavar Ball, doing something that’s unique and different and doing something unprecedented instead of being like someone else,” he said. “I’m not trying to set standards for myself to match the person I look up too, I rather just do what’s best for me, for my career.”

And Penn State has proved to be a great place for the young artist to jumpstart his career.

Dunham-Carson has performed in fraternity homes around State College and even local eatery College Pizza. He’s energized crowd’s at local club Indigo and even got a shout out from Penn State’s section of Barstool, the famous “bro” site.

He even has his own website, and a combined 30,000 views of his music on SoundCloud. 

“My career has really taken off but I give all the credit to Penn State because without them, I am nothing. I love Penn State. I wouldn’t change schools for the world.”

Dunham-Carson’s message to university president Eric Barron is that he thinks the opinions and voices of Greek life are not heard, despite the advisory group that Barron created to oversee the newly formed Greek-life Response Team.

“This is my message for Old man Barron, one frat does not represent all fraternities. Now, no one disputes actions must be done to correct the death but come on man, there has be other ways to make things right,” he said. “So until we get heard, I’m yelling ,” Free Greek Life, MISTA Baron is not right.”



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