It’s hard to hear every newly released piece of music each week, especially with a full study schedule. We listened to these five notable songs so you wouldn’t have to.

Lorde – Homemade Dynamite (feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA) [REMIX]

Let’s be honest, Lorde’s 2017 sophomore album “Melodrama” was a perfect work of pop music. Creative production, earworm hooks, and industrial percussion came together for a brilliant contemporary take on 21st-century pop. Lorde’s star-studded “Homemade Dynamite” remix is no different. Khalid’s baritone warble is a welcome vocal timbre and blends well with Lorde. SZA is a fun addition, but perhaps a little unnecessary, following Khalid. Post Malone comes through at the track’s close, for an excellent bridge section, leading into a final chorus duet with Lorde. If you were a fan of the original, you’ll love this too.

Post Malone – rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)

The less exciting Post Malone release of the week, Post’s new “Beerbongs and Bentleys” single “rockstar” sees the rapper/singer take on a fairly standard, run-of-the-mill trap beat, alongside 21 Savage. Though the acapella “I been f*cking hoes and popping pills, man I feel just like a rockstar” line at the start of the chorus is sure to be a chant-able line at festivals and clubs, the just track isn’t all that exciting or creative.

Gucci Mane – Curve (feat. The Weeknd)

If I’m honest, this is more like The Weeknd (feat. Gucci Mane). Gucci doesn’t even enter the track until about halfway through the song, and even then he’s only around for about a minute. The beat itself is standard Gucci, a simplistic synth line and slick trap percussion, perfect for The Weeknd’s chirpy vibrato vocals. Of course, it’s always fairly pointless talking about the quality of Gucci Mane’s music. If you like Gucci Mane, you’ll like this, if you don’t like Gucci, there’s nothing new here to convince you otherwise.

Nao – Nostalgia

British alternative R&B singer Nao’s first release since 2016’s “For All We Know,” “Nostalgia” is an excellent return follow-up. As with last year’s LP, Nao continues to draw plenty of influence from both funk and electro-pop, here experimenting with much more overt funk influences than in her previous work. Her vocals are as crazy and fun as ever, especially on the plosive-filled post-chorus sections. There’s even a key-change outro, which makes it feel like the experimental version of Beyonce’s “Love On Top.” What’s not to like?

Vulfpeck – Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together (feat. Antwuan Stanley)

Vulfpeck trades in their typical funk beats here for a mellow soul tune, with vocals courtesy of Antwuan Stanley, and my goodness, it’s just a beautiful piece of music. Simple, but effective percussion (which may or may not be pancakes); gorgeous keys and bass; and breathtaking vocal harmonies… It’s just a perfect song.

Let us know what you think of these tracks down in the comments, and look out for next week’s list!

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