About Us

RISE Magazine is the semesterly magazine of The Underground, a student-run news media publication for students at Penn State. In addition to the magazine, RISE is online 24/7 with music, arts, and culture content.

RISE is the magazine companion and a colorful display of what The Underground strives to be – a space for inspiration, creation and advocacy among students at Penn State.
We’ve called the magazine RISE after American writer Maya Angelou’s famous poem Still I Rise, a declaration of triumph over adversity.
This poem serves as a reminder of our commitment to social justice and community. The only way to overcome hate, oppression and injustice is if we rise – together, unified and with strength.

Mission Statement

The Underground is an independent, multicultural student-run media site devoted to exposing the untold stories within the Penn State community. We seek to foster the multicultural student voice through creating an open forum of discussion and promoting diversity and community involvement.


The idea of The Underground was discussed on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 after an inspiring presentation from Soledad O’Brien on the Penn State University Park campus. The project began as a simple idea by two freshmen in Ritner Hall. After discussion with other students, a website was created. We hope to grow as a site, engage with more members of the community, and continue to promote the sharing of diverse stories.

The Underground is produced by students at Penn State and was put into play by Candice Crutchfield and Adriana Lacy. The first contributors included a great group of friends: Candice Crutchfield, Adriana Lacy, Matthew Lamas, and Adam Tidball.